Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ubuntu Presentation Next Tueday

I forgot to mention no more viruses, adware, or spyware. I'll incorporate that before I get permission to send this out to our parents/community mailing list. This is what I sent out on our faculty-staff mailing list here at Bloomington High School North:

Ubuntu: Linux for Human Beings - Invitation

Perhaps you've heard of Ubuntu.

From South Africa to 9 classrooms at Bloomington North, the Ubuntu community has been bringing the world of Free Software to normal, everyday people everywhere.

Bloomington North's own Technology Assistant, Simón A. Ruiz, will be hosting a demonstration and question & answer session this coming Tuesday, October 10th at 7:00 pm in room 1B at the Monroe County Public Library about Ubuntu.

The demonstration part of the evening will feature a very special guest with absolutely no previous Linux experience being walked through the installation process.

Please come by and take a peek at the future of computing.

If you're interested in coming, please contact Simón at so he can have some CDs available for you to take home with you, absolutely free of charge.

So, what is Ubuntu? Read on...

Ubuntu: Linux for Human Being

Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too!

The Ubuntu community is built on the ideas enshrined in the Ubuntu Philosophy: that software should be available free of charge, that software tools should be usable by people in their local language and despite any disabilities, and that people should have the freedom to customise and alter their software in whatever way they see fit.

These freedoms make Ubuntu fundamentally different from traditional proprietary software: not only are the tools you need available free of charge, you have the right to modify your software until it works the way you want it to.

Ubuntu includes more than 16,000 pieces of software, but the core desktop installation fits on a single CD. Ubuntu covers every standard desktop application from word processing and spreadsheet applications to web server software and programming tools.


Anonymous Tom Haddon said...

Cool, good luck with the presentation! Look forward to hearing how it went.

11:34:00 AM  
Anonymous Ian Mathew said...

This is a great thing for Ubuntu and open-source. I was a Senior last year at a school in Indiana. I really hope to see some open-source presentations and adoptions in my area.

11:36:00 PM  

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