Sunday, October 08, 2006

The BLUG Ubuntu Meeting

So, on Tuesday at 7:00 at the Monroe County Public Library, I'll be giving an Ubuntu presentation for the Bloomington Linux Users Group.

I've also tried to do a little advertising to get people who would normally never consider showing up to a BLUG meeting to show up.

So far my plans are as follows:

First of all, I'm going to limit my interaction with the computer to explaining to my fiancee--who has no previous Linux experience--how to do stuff. I will not at any time physically touch the keyboard or mouse (except during set up and tear down).

First we'll boot the computer to the default PC operating system and show the cool stuff the Ubuntu CD has that can be installed on said default operating system, for those who'd rather take baby steps. I'll also point out the "YOUR COMPUTER MAY BE AT RISK!" red alert balloon that must be appeased on that operating system, lest horrible things befall ye.

Then I'll have her reset the computer to phase two: The Live CD. (Should I make it so she has to go into the BIOS to change the boot order???)

I'll simply point out here the import things about Live CDs: that we're running the actual Operating System off the disc, and that we can play around with this all we want without making a single change to the hard disc.

I'll probably show off the Ubuntu video with Nelson Mandela that's in the Examples, as well as the excerpt of "The Official Ubuntu Book" (of which, of course, I'll have a copy on hand), maybe note that out of the box, Ubuntu doesn't support proprietary media formats. (I can't decide whether to do this before or after the actual installation.)

Then I'll run her through the installation proceedure, and demonstrate how to install it side-by-side with the existing operating system.

During the long waiting periods I'll do some question and answer stuff, assuming people have questions. Maybe I'll just have to find something to talk about if they don't.

Then we'll reboot to the new Ubuntu partition and talk about the interface, and included programs. Maybe have some Office files to open in Maybe how to set up Evolution (I'd personall download Thunderbird, but I figure since it's what comes with Ubuntu, it should be what I demonstrate).

What else do you think people will want to see on the default ?

I'll demonstrate how to install programs, both with and without Synaptic.

I'll show Automatix here, and then play a few proprietary format media files to demonstrate that it works (should probably demonstrate before-hand that they don't).

I'm also going to demonstrate how it reacts to plugging in an iPod, and a digital camera.

I may be able to demonstrate the installation and use of compiz or beryl. Oooh, glittery eye candy.

Here I'm way open to suggestions about: If you had never seen Linux in action, what would you want to see? Let me know!

I'll also be open to suggestions as late as during the presentation, but :) the more prepared I am the better, I'd think.

The whole "show" is going to be more-or-less improv though, anyhow, since there's no way I can rehearse with Sarah how to do everything before-hand and have the "no previous Linux experience" gimmick be real.

I'm thinking about taping the whole thing, as well.


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