Tuesday, November 21, 2006

1:1 Classroom Progress

Today, Steve and I finished putting the hardware together on the last of the Linux classrooms, just in time for me to test out a real live SystemImager install.

We've also received our 10 new laptops, Dell Inspiron 1300s, and my official verdict on those is that their screens are very dim. I'm not sure whether that's a driver thing or not, I'm going to have to look at one of them with the pre-installed operating system intact and see how dim it is that way. I've managed to get the screen resolution on Ubuntu to match the laptop screen's native resolution, so I've got a little progress done towards making a workable image on the laptops.

It's my understanding that laptops pose some interesting extra questions when it comes to getting Linux to run properly on them, hopefully I don't run into any of them as I figure out how to use the wireless adapter. Any information on how to accomplish that might be nice to have before I get started; please, if you have experience with this leave me a quick comment about it to help me out.

I'm currently ghosting a 210L with the 210L partition, I'll update it and pull a SystemImager image off of it and see what I can do about creating an autoinstall CD for systemimager to use on the 210Ls in Mr. Hayes's room. We'll get this working, yet, woohoo!

BTW, I'd like to thank my friend, a fellow from my LUG, David Ernst for helping me out with this SystemImager stuff, his invaluable experience and Linux savvy has saved me all kinds of headaches and "learning experiences" I might have otherwise had.

Which remind me, I should communicate with downtown about my mailing list mail being filtered as spam...

P.S. I was pleased to see Novell's CEO address some of my concerns, in an Open Letter to the Community from Novell:

In closing, we wish to be extremely clear that Novell is committed to protecting, preserving and promoting freedom for free and open source software. We recognize that the community of open source developers is essential to all our activities in Linux, and we welcome dialog with the community as to how we can continue to work together toward these common goals.

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