Friday, November 10, 2006

Brain Rest. - Novell Conclusion

Besides keeping up with e-mail and such, I'm going to give my brain a rest today and tidy up a bit around the workplace, as it could use to look a little more orderly.

Regarding the Novell-Microsoft announcement, I think Mark Shuttleworth put it rather succinctly and lucidly at (

And on Microsoft?

"Fundamentally, I think Microsoft is making an intellectual property play. The second thing is 'follow the money.' We see $240m from Microsoft and $40m back from Novell.

"I am sure that Novell just got paid $200m to be on that stage, and Microsoft is going to expect a return on their investment. And not from Novell.

"They are looking to establish, I believe, a framework which gives them a revenue base regardless of the OS.

"We haven't seen the details of the deal. Novell hasn't seen the real plan. The industry is littered with companies that have fought with Microsoft, then went to Microsoft as a cowered partner to do some small deal and then just got axed. Palm, Sybase and, um, Novell." ®

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