Monday, November 06, 2006

Imaging System - Can One Image work for Two Different Model Workstations?


So I used Norton Ghost to blast an Ubuntu 6.10 image created on a 170L (IDE hard disk) over to both a 170L and a 210L (SATA hard disk).

After the image was installed both machines had GRUB failures on reboot (this makes sense, since Ghost does not mess with the MBR), so I had to use GRUB to fix them (actually for some reason on the 210L grub did not recognize /dev/sda as (hd0,0), so I had to dd the first 61 512b sectors of the 170L's /dev/hda onto the 210's /dev/sda which did basically what I wanted.

The 170L booted up fine after that (except that the UPSTART screen did not display during the boot process, hmmmmm...), and now I'm going to experiment to see if I can get updateclient to work from the hard disk.

The 210L did not boot up fine, first it showed a usplash screen (6.10 should be using UPSTART) which was frozen, and after a while it dropped to a BusyBox prompt.

I'm going to experiment now to see if /etc/fstab might be responsible for this, and if maybe I can write it to be a little more forgiving...



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