Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ubuntu Presentation Video Hosting Call

I have a .mov compressed version of my Ubuntu Presentation put together, annoying in that you can't really make out any detail on the screen the way you can on the DVD but then what can I expect?

Anyhow, our downtown IS people wouldn not be too happy if I put it up on my webspace and advertised it. SO, would anyone be interested enough in this to donate bandwidth by hosting a 69,669,268 byte video file for me? *bats eyelashes* Please?

I looked at YouTube and got all the way up to "Upload a New Video" when I found out that they limit videos to ten minutes. Not good enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You want to set up a bit torrent so that no one has to pay for the data transfer. There are even places where you can host the torrent for free, like movedigital (aka prodigem): http://www.movedigital.com/

4:14:00 PM  
Blogger Tom Hoffman said...

I actually just sprang for a hosted server (from ServerPronto), in part so that I could do stuff like hosting your video. You can email me at tom.hoffman@gmail.com to discuss the details.

5:36:00 PM  

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