Friday, November 03, 2006

CINLUG Meeting on the 1st

I didn't post yesterday cause I wanted to put some photos on my blog, for once.

Me talking about Ubuntu at the CINLUG Meeting

This is me during my 5-minute address on behalf of Ubuntu and Canonical.

The CINLUG Meeting went very well.

I don't believe Mike Huffman's talk was directed at me, as I'm in the choir, but hopefully it was effective in informing those people who were there who were not the choir.

I succeeded in generating some interest in Ubuntu, and the Ubuntu and Education community. Although I only had 5 minutes up in front of people, I did get people to approach me personally. Which is good, because I kept thinking "Oh! I should have mentioned this! I should have mentioned THAT!".

I think I'm much better one on one in meandering conversation than up on stage with a time limit.

I got to meet Spencer, who is my counterpart over at...Greensburg? (Ack! Memory Failure!) Anyhow, Spencer is my counterpart at the other school in the state that doesn't use Novell; he uses Red Hat.

I emphasized the need to become involved in the community in order to really get the power of Open Source Software, and hope he'll be joining the Bloomington Linux Users' Group and/or the Central Indiana Linux Users' Group. I told him that physical proximity is not a prerequisite, mentioning that I'm a founding member of the Venezuelan Fraternity of Ubuntu Users even though I'm far from home right now.

Welcome to the community, Spencer!

Mike Huffman Photo-Op with Ubuntu swag

This is Mike Huffman checking out the Ubuntu swag. Photo Op!


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