Thursday, September 27, 2007

Take me out to the LinuxFest! (OLFU Eve)

We just arrived, the ride went smoothly, though I decided to take a scenic route part of the way in defiance of Google.

We walked around and situated ourselves. I saw the room where the scheduled event for tonight (7-10 tonight, we got here at 10:30) had taken place, and there was lots of pizza out and about the big room, but when I peeked my head in I recognized Beth Lynn in a small group of four people talking intensely and the rest of the room was deserted; I figured it'd probably be best NOT to bother our event organizers, so I didn't.

Got back to my room and went to plug in my laptop to write a little bit only to find that *gasp* I didn't bring my laptop's power supply (idiot!).

I'll either need to use my fiancée's laptop for class tomorrow, or maybe someone there will have an HP/Compaq laptop power supply that I can mooch off of for the duration.


It's sleep time...

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