Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Laptops not Autoconfiguring

Frustrating little things seem to pop up right as I feel like I've tied up my loose ends here, like the fact that the laptops, after being imaged or updated were NOT autoconfiguring themselves properly, even though they have the exact same autoconfig script and the only difference in their /etc/rc.local script was what MAC address not to autoconfigure on.

To make it even more perplexing, if I dropped to a command-line and ran $ sudo /etc/rc.local everything went off without a hitch. Since I know /etc/rc.local is run at the end of the boot-up process, I thought MAYBE there's something different on the laptops in the realm of when certain devices are available.

I based this theory on the fact that obviously the scripts were correct, as I could invoke them manually, and the fact that, since the autoconfig scripts starts out with a wget, it would simply error out if the network interface wasn't up yet.

I had to test my theory, so, in order to give the laptops a little more time to get the network adapter up and running, I made the following modification to the laptop's rc.local script:

test `ifconfig | grep -c $GOLDENCLIENTMACADDRESS` == 0 && test `cat /etc/hosts | grep -c nordx--image` != 0 && . /home/administrator/scripts/autoconfig


test `ifconfig | grep -c $GOLDENCLIENTMACADDRESS` == 0 && test `cat /etc/hosts | grep -c nordx--image` != 0 && sleep 10 && . /home/administrator/scripts/autoconfig

And it worked. So I'd be inclined to say my theory is correct, or at least useful.


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