Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hooray for bug filing!

I just filed a bunch of bugs in Launchpad. Most of them against Samba performance on Ubuntu Edgy (testparm errors by default, which may be the root of the rest of my bugs). One about how our Dell 210Ls randomly (about 3%-10% of the time) do not shut down when told to (they get to the point of powering off and, instead, decide to turn a fan on full blast). And one about how our Dell 170Ls do not show the "thermometer bar" boot-up and shutdown screens.

This is the first time I've filed a bunch of bugs, so let's see how successfully this goes...

A little later

I guess I didn't publish this post when I made it, so I've actually gotten a comment on one of my bugs! I was asked to try some different vga kernel options to see if that would resolve the issue with the 170Ls and their boot/shutdown screens not showing up. It didn't, but it is nice to get suggestions.

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