Tuesday, February 27, 2007

iTALC and SystemImager progress - Ubuntu Indiana LoCo Team???


I've made contact with Tobias, iTALC's developer and maintainer and, with his help, I've been able to address some of my earlier concerns. He's fixed a bug or two as well that I brought his attention to, and I'm hopeful that we'll have everything working soon.

This is what I love about Open Source:

  • "I'm having X problem with this program."
  • "Oh, that was a bug, it's fixed now."


I gave SystemImager another try now that I've got the latest version compiled (Actually, they just went and released a new stable version, 3.8.0) and I've gotten much further along the process. I'm communing with the mailing list to see what I'm screwing up, and I see light at the end of the tunnel!

Ubuntu Indiana LoCo Team?

The Ubuntu USTeams Project has made it its goal to have an approved LoCo team for every U.S. state by 2008. I've been sitting back and watching, and hoping, and waiting for someone else to step up and start an IndianaTeam, since I think there should be one, but nothing yet has happened.

I'm now looking through the documentation and considering doing it myself. If you're in Indiana and would be interested in an Ubuntu Indiana LoCo Team, let me know in the comments, or in email.

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