Wednesday, February 28, 2007

SystemImager Success!!!

With the help of Andrea on the SystemImager mailing list and my friend David, I've finally emerged on the other side of the tunnel. I've gotten SystemImager installed and working!

About fifteen minutes after I was supposed to have gone home I was waiting for my test imaging process to finish, expecting only to copy down the new error message to look into it tomorrow, when--Lo and Behold!--I was greeted by the smiling, shiny face of an Ubuntu log-in screen.

I heard an angelic choir and everything.

The last piece of the puzzle was going back and adding PREFIX=/usr during the SystemConfigurator installation.

Documentation will be forthcoming, I can assure you!

We don't depend on Norton Ghost for imaging any longer. One of the most crucial pieces of the puzzle is now in place.

Now begins the real work of figuring out how to leverage SystemImager most effectively into our system.

Wish me luck!

I just submitted my last-minute entry to the Win Loyd Case's Old PC! contest. It involves sending him a 500-word essay on "Why I deserve to win your old PC".

It can happen.

Wish me luck!


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