Thursday, April 12, 2007

IU LinuxFest

I had a blast!

I had fun manning the booths and representing the Bloomington Linux Users' Group and the Indiana Ubuntu Local Community Team.

There was some really neat stuff including an 8 LCD screen display, and a computer with exposed components built to look like a prop plane.

My presentation, Learning with Linux at every Desk, went very well. I sort of told the story of my experience working with the Indiana ACCESS program here at Bloomington High School North. It was fun, I think, and people seemed interested. I got some really good questions at the end (after a long silence during which I feared I'd bored everyone catatonic). I was even asked to sign a book; I felt like a rock star. ;-)

I did record video of the presentation on that toy Mustek DV-5500 I got at the HECC conference last year. As soon as I figure out how to transcode and compress the 215 MB .ASF file, I'd like to share that with anyone who might want to watch it. Watch this space if you're interested.


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