Friday, December 15, 2006


Long time no post. Progress has been slow and I've been working some issues in my personal life so I haven't had much to report, but I figure I should offer some sort of update, in case someone actually misses me.


I continue to work on getting the SystemImager suite to work here on an Ubuntu server that IS NOT the DHCP server for the network. Not complicated work: I try and then I tell their mailing list where and how it broke, they give me suggestions, lather, rinse, repeat. It is taking while, though I take comfort in the fact that after I get this working, I can contribute that back to the community and keep people like me from going through this in the future.

Once I get a decent imaging/update system in place, I'll be able to push any work I do on the images out to the workstations with minimal pain, and keep all the workstations consistent. At the moment I have 4 classrooms full of Edubuntu 5.10 machines that I tweaked a bit last school year and 5 with Ubuntu 6.10 that I haven't had much chance to tweak this year. I want to take the best of the work I put into the 5.10 machines and put that on a 6.10 image for every classroom.

I'm beginning to learn the utility of keeping good notes and documentation.


While playing around with Apache at home, I got quite the shock:

Why I did not become a Doctor or a Soldier

Ack! No! I didn't mean to!


I was approached through flickr and asked if one of my photos could be used in a book by an independent publisher in Hong Kong. I was offered three copies of the book in exchange for permission to use my photo in the book. With no expectations, and in fact a little suspicion, I played along.

Today I received my three copies and found that my photo is the featured photo on the Miyajima Island section/spread:

Otorii Gate - Miyajima Island - Japan

Even though I can't find any information on the book online through Google besides the flickr pages, I have three beautiful copies of it. Pretty spiffy honor if you ask me!

BTW, the book's name is "Legends of the Dragon" ISBN 988-98899-6-X

That's it

One more week til Christmas Break!

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